Climbing for Life Valloire-Galibier

After the delay in 2020, we are in 2021 ready for the 10th edition of Climbing for Life. With our Climbing for Life events, 2 every year, we succeed in finding a good balance between your passion for active holidays and raising money and awareness for charity.

Everybody who loves a great challenge, magnificent views and an unforgettable atmosphere should mark this event in their calendars!

What to expect on a Climbing for Life holiday?

  • A 3-day holiday abroad with beautiful courses for cyclists, runners and hikers
  • Refreshment stations and signage on every Climbing for Life course
  • A 'pasta party', to recover from your achievement
  • An afterparty to remember!



(Until 22/08/2021)


Date Price
As of 1 February 2020 135 euros

Cancellation Policy: 5 euro (more info)
Event insurance: 23.5 euro (more info)


You want to take the challenge with colleagues or friends? You can register as a group. Groups have the choice if they collect their participation package as 1 group, or that every group member comes to collect his/her own package.



  • Climbing for Life jersey
  • Climbing for Life Buff
  • Goodie bag with sports nutrition, gadgets,...
  • Organised cycling, running or hiking tours on Friday and Saturday
  • Refreshment stations with water, sports nutrition, fruits,...
  • Technical service
  • Medical service
  • Massage service
  • Pasta Party
  • After party

General conditions

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General terms and conditions

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  1. Article 1. Registration
    At the time of registering, the Participant declares to be at least 18 or to have his legal guardian's consent to register for the event.
    The registration is only valid if the registration form has been completely and truthfully filled out, the registration fee and payment for extras have been paid in full and these general terms and conditions have been accepted.
  2. Article 2. Right of withdrawal
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  3. Article 3. Cancellation of the event
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    Under no circumstance can GOLAZO be obliged to reimburse the registration fee and possible extras (such as merchandising, T-shirts, training schedule, charity, etc.).
  4. Article 4. Participation
    Participation in the event is only possible with a valid registration and if the following age requirements have been met:

    Running events
    - From 10 km: at least 12 years old at the time of participation
    - From 21 km: at least 16 years old at the time of participation
    - From 42 km: at least 18 years old at the time of participation

    Cycling events
    Participants under the age of 16 must always be accompanied by a person older than 18.

    During the participation, proof of registration (number on chest, handle bars, wristband, etc.) must be visible at all times.
    The participant shall always respect the environment. The participant shall look after his/her own safety and the other participants. Participants must follow the instructions of the organisation, medical teams and police.
    Participants shall at all times wear a helmet during cycling events. The Highway Code needs to be respected.
    The organisation reserves the right to exclude participants from participation who do not respect the provisions of these general terms and conditions or pose a danger to themselves or third parties.
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  7. Article 7. Change of registration
    Participants who want to transfer their registration for an event to another person can do so on the day of the event on-the-spot. The administrative cost as indicated on-the-spot is payable for this.
    Participants who want to change the distance can do so on-the-spot, on the day of the event. The administrative cost as indicated on-the-spot is payable for this. If a supplement is owed for the newly chosen distance, this will also be charged.
  8. Article 8. Healthy & safe sports
    Participation requires good health. The participant declares to meet this condition. Before participation, the organisation recommends a preventive sports medical examination at a certified sports doctor.
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  11. Article 11. Validity of clauses
    If one or a number of articles of these conditions are void or unlawful, for whatever reason, this does not prejudice the validity of the other parts of the conditions.
  • For a group registration, you must have at least 10 people (across various distances); if you are with fewer persons, your group will be cancelled and you will lose the reservation.
  • Group registrations may only be done using the official online registration module. Excel lists etc. are no longer accepted.
  • On the registration form, you must first create a group. You will then receive an e-mail with your group name and group code. (You can manage the group at all times with the help of this code and your chosen password (do not forget this!)). Subsequently, you can add or remove participants. Only the group leader may validate participants. You can add as many participants to your group as you wish.
  • Registrations can be collected as a single package (all together) or individually. Please clearly indicate this on the registration form. If you choose to collect all race numbers together, this can only be done by the group leader. For individual collections, all participants will receive a separate confirmation e-mail with all information required to successfully collect their race number.
  • Once the group is complete, the group leader must pay for the entire group. Registrations are confirmed only when the group has been submitted and paid for. At this time, NO CHANGES may be made to your group. Subsequently, changes to your group can only be made on-the-spot at the registration stand. For this, an administration fee of 5 eur will be charged per change made.
  • The registrations are closed.


On Thursday 8th and Friday 9th of September 2020, you can discover the magnicifent views and roads of the Dolomiti. Curious about Passo Pordoi or Passo Fedaia? We can assure you: they are stunning!

On Saturday 10th of September, we want to show you the famous 'Sella Ronda': 52km of pure pleasure! When you are back in Corvara, an Italian pasta and an amazing After Party will follow!

You can consult the course maps here

Thursday 8/09

Sella Ronda Counter Clock - 52km/1509 altimeters 3*

Friday 9/09

Giro Fodom 51.4km/1462 altimeters 3*

Saturday 10/09

Sella Ronda 52km/1544 altimeters 3*

Klim Passo Gardena - 30km/843 altimeters from Corvara to Plan de Gralba (round trip) 2*

Giro Fedaia 84 km/2717 altimeters 4*

Giro Falzarego 104km/2957 altimeters 4*




Klim Passo Campolongo - 20 km/ altimeters from Corvara to Arabba (round trip) 2*

Giro Giau 135 km/4156 altimeters 5*




View the different levels here


Click for more info.

Thursday 8 September
  • Collection of participation packages
  • Organised cycling tours:
    • Sella Ronda (counter clock) - 52 km
    • Climb Passo Gardena (2 sides) - 30 km
    • Climb Passo Campolongo (2 sides) - 20 km
Friday 9 September
  • Collection of participation packages
  • Organised cycling tours:
    • Giro Fodom - 51,7 km
    • Giro Fedaia - 84 km
Saturday 10 September:
  • Organised cycling tours:
    • Sella Ronda - 52 km
    • Giro Falzarego - 104 km
    • Giro Giau - 135 km
  • Pasta Party in Corvara
  • After party in Corvara

Climbing for Life Village: Tennis hall Corvara (collection of participation package, start and finish of all cycling tours)

Sportograf Sportograf is the official photography partner of Climbing for Life. After the event, you can find your personal images here.

Climbing for Life offers the possibility to take an accidents and travel insurance.

This insurance can be purchased together with your event registration and is valid between Wednesday 8 september untill Sunday 12 september (5 days).

COST: 23.5 euros per person
Attention! Material damages are not covered.

The overview of guarantees and insured amounts can be consulted here.

Climbing for Life offers you the possibility to opt for a cancellation policy.
This additional service gives you the possibility to claim the paid registration fee until the 12 August 2021, free of charge. Any payments made to Energy Lab, the cancellation insurance (this being € 5), and travel costs will not be refunded.


KortwegKortweg Cycling Travel is the official Climbing for Life Travel Partner. Kortweg provides packages (including transportation and accommodation) for groups and individual participants. For more information and bookings, you can contact the Kortweg staff via the button below.

HolimitesIndividual participants who look for accommodation only (without extra services) can take contact with our local partner 'Holimites'.


Climbing for Life offers challenges for cyclists of all levels, although some cycling experience is necessary. Of course, a cycling tour in the alps differs from a tour in 'flatter' countries such as Belgium or the Netherlands.

We use a 'star system' to indicate the difficuly level of our courses:

  • 1* - easy: a flat or rolling course that should be possible for everyone with some cycling experience.
  • 2* - intermediate: a longer, rolling to moderately hilly course, for cyclists with some experience who are not afraid of a hilly ride.
  • 3* - heavy: a longer, hilly course, for cyclists who have plenty of experience on hilly courses and cycling tours in the mountains.
  • 4* - very heavy: a long hilly course for cyclists that are capable to ride longer climbs (ca. 15kms) and steeper climbs (up to 15%)
  • 5* - extremely heavy: For very experienced riders with enough power and stamina to overcome long (>15km) and steep (up to 24%) climbs.


The good cause of Climbing for Life Dolomiti Alta Badia: pulmonary disorders

With Climbing for Life, we want to conduct awareness for pulmonary diseases and show society that exercise leads to an increased health. With good support and medical supervision, patients with pulmonary diseases are perfectly capable to accomplish sportive challenges.


12 ambassadors with pulmonary diseases will participate in Climbing for Life. For 6 months, they will be supervised by a physical coach, nutrition coach and a medical staff to prepare themselves to achieve a sportive challenge, of which they never thought they would be capable of. Our ambassadors represent patient groups, raise funding and want to inspire people with their stories.



By participating in Climbing for Life, you support our ambassadors of Team Climbing for Life. A part of your registrations fee will be donated to the associations connected to 'Team Asem'.

More information about the associations (in Dutch): www.astma-en-allergiekoepel.be and www.muco.be



We are very much interested in how you have experienced our event. Please send us your remarks, reactions or ideas.

We would love to hear from you.


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